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How can you choose the perfect vet for your horse? Your pet requires the best care possible so when choosing a vet for your beloved pet, use the same criteria and care that you would use while selecting a physician or dentist for your family. 

In this article, we will discuss how to find a good equine veterinary service in your area.

Where can you look for a veterinarian?

Ask recommendation from friends and family

Friends or family members who own animals can usually give the best recommendations when it comes to finding a good vet for your pet. Ask them questions about why they chose that vet, what services the vet provides, and all those essential questions. If you find their answers satisfactory, then you may schedule an appointment with the vet and evaluate their facilities by yourself. 

Special Interest Groups or Breed Clubs

The breed clubs or rescues of your area can be a good information source if you are looking for a vet. These breed clubs or special interest groups often have a good relationship with equine vets near you and are familiar with the problems or issues related to the health of that specific breed. 


Search the internet for good equine vets in your area. Check the reviews and ratings of the vets from other pet owners and select a vet suitable to your demands. Do not finalise your vet based on online reviews only. Schedule an appointment with the vet and check out their services by yourself because you know your pet best, and your personal opinion of the vet also matters.

The current veterinarian of your pet

If you are moving to another city or place, or if your current vet is relocating to another location, ask your current vet whether he or she can recommend you another good vet in your area. 

Many times they have friends or colleagues who provide similar facilities or services. Your current veterinarian must also provide you with a copy of the medical history file of your pet so that the new vet can understand the situation better. 

It would be best if you thought about selecting a good vet before you get a new pet. Your vet can also recommend the type of pet you should get based on your personality, lifestyle, work schedule, and family needs. 

If you have recently moved to a new place or city, find a veterinarian for your pet before it becomes an emergency. Find an actual veterinarian and do not rely on the internet for veterinary care. 

Do not rush when deciding on a vet for your pet. Schedule an appointment with the vet first to discuss your pet’s condition and ask questions about services, availability, fees, and payment services. 

Factors you should consider while visiting a veterinarian

Office Hours

  • Who is in charge of the facility when the doctor is unavailable?
  • What are the office hours?
  • Do they schedule visits online?
  • How long do you need to wait to make a non-emergency visit?

Professionality of the staff:

  • How do they handle calls or appointments?
  • Do the staff and doctor interact with the pets in a good way?
  • Does your pet feel comfortable with the staff?

Payment and Fees:

  • What are the methods of payment?
  • Does the facility accept your pet insurance plan if you have pet insurance?
  • Are financial plans and assistance available when you need them? 


  • Does the vet provide the range of medical services that suits your needs and expectations?
  • Will the vet be able to provide services if you have a non-traditional pet?
  • Do they offer non-medical services such as grooming and training classes?
  • Can the veterinarian refer to any specialist if needed?

Emergency Care:

  • How does the staff handle emergency calls both during and after regular office hours?
  • Is there any emergency facility in the area?


  • Is the facility well maintained and clean?
  • Are there any unpleasant spaces or odors?
  • Can the pet owners take a tour of the non-public areas?

To conclude

Ensuring your horse’s well-being is an absolute duty of the owner, and there is no alternative to proper health care. Make sure you can trust the equine vet before providing them with the responsibility of your beloved pet. At Clarendon Equine we make sure each and every equine is handled with the best possible care. 

Author: Jessica Bird

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