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I do not think that it matters whether we own a horse for personal reasons or professional races and competitions. What matters is how we take care of these animals. A major part of taking care of an equine is to ensure that it gets the proper veterinary care.

There are often instances when going to the vet’s clinic is not a viable option. To tackle cases like these, I had to find vets who do home visits near me. In this guide, I will share ways on how to find home visit vets near me. 

Ask for recommendations:

Asking for recommendations from friends and family who have equines was a great way to find a home visit vet near me. Ask them about the vets they take their horses to and whether they do home visits.

You can also ask about the services they provide and how well they interact with the horses. Local feed stores or animal shelters can also provide you with information on vets.

Comb the area you live in:

If you cannot find recommendations on vets, the best way to look for home vets London is to search the area. Look for veterinary clinics in your area and check out the services they offer. Visit the clinic in person and enquire about whether they offer home visits or not.

Get to know information about what circumstances do the vets agree for a home visit. Do not forget to ask about the cost of the vet’s visit. Many people hesitate to ask how much is a vet’s visit, but it is an essential question that you must ask.

Check out all nearby vet clinics:

One thing I realised while searching for vets is that not every town has the best vets or have vets who do home visits near me. In this case, I had to go on the internet and search for the best home visit vets near me.

This search allowed me to know about several veterinary clinics in nearby towns that are willing to make a home visit. However, in a situation like this, the cost of a vet’s visit was significantly higher than the cost of a vet’s visit in my town.

Ask your current vet for recommendations:

I know this sounds awkward, but there are reasons why I am suggesting it. There are often situations when either we move towns or our vet gets transferred to another town or country. And they can no longer treat our equine or do home visits in case of an emergency.

That is when we ask them to recommend a good vet for our equine or inform me about home visit vets near me. A vet obviously has a clear and better idea about other vets, so their recommendations work almost all the time.

Circumstances When Vets Do Home Visits

Equine vets usually do not agree for home visits unless there is an absolute emergency. These circumstances are:

The horse is too sick to move:

The health of an equine is often unpredictable. Often injuries and issues appear where the horse cannot even move properly. In this case, home visit vets near me visit the horse and conduct the necessary check and provide treatment. In case you need medications, don’t forget to find them here.

You have children at home:

This is one of the reasons why vets agree to do a home visit. I have small children at home, and it is hard for me to take my horse to the vet after managing the kids and the home. 

That is why I always choose a vet who can do home visits, so I do not have to worry about the health of my equine.

You live far away from the vet’s clinic:

As I mentioned before, we might not be lucky enough to find a good vet in our area. Then we have to find a vet available in one of the nearby areas or towns. 

Sometimes the location of the veterinary clinic is quite far from our homes; that is when we have to ask for a home visit. This saves us from the inconvenience of travelling for miles with a sick equine.

You do not have any means of travelling:

Taking an unwell horse to a vet’s clinic is not an easy task. Sick horses are often uncontrollable, and sometimes we do not have a way of travelling to the vet. In such cases, the vet agrees to do a home visit to check up on my equine.

You must keep in mind that the visit of home visit vets near me will cost a significantly higher amount of money compared to a veterinary clinic visit. Remember that your vet will not be available for a home visit every time, so you must keep your options open. However, do not forget the half price zone visit schedule exclusively offered by Clarendon Equine veterinary Clinic.


Taking care of an equine requires a lot of hard work, patience, and attention. Finding a good vet is hard and finding vets who do home visits near me is way harder.. Contact us at Clarendon Equine for the best veterinary service for your Equine.

Author: ClarendonEquine

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