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For all our clients, old, new, and prospective, we thought it was high time we wrote about what our wonderful team have to offer in terms of knowledge, skills, facilities and equipment.

Clarendon Equine are proud to be an independent practice, providing a full first opinion equine service across Essex, some of which takes place ‘in the field’, wherever a horse happens to be stabled; while most other care and treatment can be carried out back at the surgery. Most of our veterinary surgeons are born and raised in the area; they benefit from a great deal of local knowledge. This is invaluable for all sorts of reasons, from understanding the regional challenges faced by our clients, to reducing journey time upon being called out!

We are here for our clients, come rain or shine, year-round as we provide our own out of hours service. We have teamed up with other select local equine practices, and by working together we ensure that there are multiple vets on call at any given time to serve our clients in their horse’s time of need.

Our surgery is equipped for surgical procedures, diagnostics, and the hospitalisation of patients.

Equine Theatre Suite

We have a purpose designed knock-down area and theatre where we carry out sterile procedures; from tumour removal to orthopaedic surgery and everything in between. Our all-female team of surgeons have a great deal of knowledge and experience between them, and our anaesthetists and surgical nurses are prepared for anything. We also have visiting specialists from the RVC, Rossdales Equine Hospital and experts in Sarcoid surgery who perform more complex ops for us onsite, so you don’t have to travel long distances for referral surgery. Our clients can rest assured that their horse or pony is in the best of hands.

We are supported by some excellent equipment by way of surgical instrumentation, as well as for the monitoring of anaesthesia; we keep a close eye on a horse’s physiological parameters and general condition whilst they’re under anaesthesia, so that we can respond instantly to even minor concerns.

We also have a general treatment area where ‘dirty’ procedures take place – they’re not really ‘dirty’, but this is our shorthand term for non-sterile procedures. This area is well equipped for complex tooth extractions, for example, as well as fillings or sinus surgery, with a broad array of dental power tools to make the procedure quicker and slicker. Together, these clinical areas provide ample facilities for anything that is required in an equine, first opinion setting.

Diagnostics and treatments ‘in the field’

Where it is appropriate, we are happy to carry out procedures at a client’s base, and we benefit from a range of portable equipment that facilitates a thorough job when out and about. Castration of colts, dental exams with rasping and simple extractions, as well as wound suturing, are the kind of procedures which take place on the yard, as well as X-rays.

Portable endoscopes

Being equipped with no fewer than three different types of endoscope cameras, we are able to view the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract and the urinary/uterine tract non-surgically and painlessly. One of our cameras is also perfectly suited to viewing teeth, an invaluable tool when it comes to intricate dental procedures. Using the scopes specifically designed for each application means that we get a more detailed view of the organs associated with these bodily systems, for speedy, more accurate diagnoses and tailored treatments. We have the capacity to take samples via our scopes too, both of tissues and of fluids, which can be sent to external laboratories for assessment.


We (and more accurately our patients) benefit from a large, airy, stabling block where patients can rest and recuperate post operation, or for longer periods when hospitalisation is required. Our dedicated team provide excellent inpatient care, tending to every need of every patient, even overnight if required. These caring individuals monitor and medicate patients as required, and also take the time to tend to their mental and wellbeing needs. We work with owners as best as we can to provide a home from home set-up for each horse or pony, promoting a relaxed environment, which reduces stress and speeds up recovery.

As a team we love what we do and are extremely proud of the service we offer. You can find out more about many of our services which are described in more detail within the services section of our website. We are also always at the end of the phone and are happy to talk you through anything you need know.

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