Foam cream for care and regeneration of damaged or irritated skin. The foam cream protects the skin with a breathable barrier. Cutargent’s unique composition ensures that the skin maintains its integrity and acts as a barrier against microorganisms. Its specially selected ingredients accelerate healing and reduce itching. Cutargent is an ideal product for supporting horses with pastern dermatitis, commonly knows as “mud fever”.
Key Ingredients:
Panthenol improves the skin’s elasticity, supports the regeneration of skin cells and soothes itching.
Madecassoside boosts collagen synthesis and activates cell regeneration of the skin surface.
Microsilver has anti-bacterial and anti-septic effects.
Advantages of the unique foam cream technology:
Breathable barrier.
Hairs do not stick together.
Specifically designed for use on the skin.
Double the efficiency of traditional skin lotions.
Quick absorption without residues.
Easy to apply and spread.
Presentation: 300ml can


Shake the bottle of Cutargent Foam Cream well before use.
Hold the bottle upright and press the nozzle to put some foam cream into your palm.
Apply the foam cream to the affected areas of the skin and rub it in gently.
Best used as a 2 step programme with Cutargent PreActive cleansing spray.