Cleansing spray for gentle removal of scabs and crusts. Particularly useful in the management of Pastern Dermatitis or “mud fever”.
This cleansing spray softens scabs gently. Afterwards the soaked scabs can be removed carefully without causing bleeding and injuring the skin. Using the cleansing spray creates an ideal base for Cutargent foam cream.
Gentle removal of scabs.
Soothes itching and panthenol supports wound healing.
Disinfectant: Phenoxyethanol helps inhibit the development of microorganisms.
Presentation: 200ml spray bottle.
Apply Cutargent PreActive on the affected area and, depending on the levels of crusts and scabs, leave it to work for up to 3 minutes.
In persistent cases, it is recommended to repeat the application twice.
Subsequently the soaked scabs can be removed carefully without injuring the skin.
For best results:
In persistent cases, the application of Cutargent should be carried out twice daily.
This should be repeated regularly until the skin is healed.
Best used as a 2 step programme with Cutargent foam cream.