Derbymed Ulcosan


Apple pomace, carrot flour, carob flour, banana flour, liquorice root, linseed cake, milk thistle, yucca schidigera, spent grains, magnesium citrate, dextrose, grape seed flour, carbonate marine algae, sugar beet, molasses, brewer’s yeast, artichoke leaves.

Feeding rates:
Body Weight     Therapeutic dose      Prevention dose
200kg                 3x20mg                       2x20g
400kg                 3x30mg                       2x30g
600kg                 3x50mg                       2x50g



Derbymed Ulcosan is an advanced veterinary developed feed supplement for horses containing a unique blend of natural ingredients to maintain gastric health, soothe the stomach wall, reduce stress and support the balance of pH levels within the gut.

Key actions:

Pectins of carrot and apple pomace build up a gel layer to coat the stomach wall and calm excess acid, helping to soothe stomach discomfort.
Herbal ingredients (grape seed, milk thistle, yucca schidigera, liquorice root) help to maintain a normal stomach environment.
Magnesium citrate and Tryptophan help reduce stress and as such help ease the associated symptoms of erratic behaviour, stable vices, tooth grinding and weight loss supporting wellbeing and performance.
Pre- and probiotic yeasts support the digestive processes and balance the bowel

When to consider Ulcosan?
To aid the recovery of horses from gastric upsets
To help manage stomach discomfort
To help support horses during periods of stress and strain e.g.
during transportation, weaning of foals or conflicts in the herd
To aid digestion in horses with suboptimal intake of feed
When high performance is required
When feeding high levels of concentrates
When changing types of feed
Ulcosan can be given before or during competition under current FEI rules. *

* Please check all rules relating to prohibited substances for the relevant sport governing body before use.

Presentation: 2.5 kg tub, pellet formulation.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg

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