This product is a superior feed supplement for horses with poor hoof condition, This product derives its name from the very high levels of Biotin. This product provides all the nutrients necessary to protect and nourish every layer within the hoof horn. This Sulphur enriched formula, also boasting significant levels of Methionine, MSM and Zinc, will ensure that important nutrients are supplied to the horses’ diet, to optimise hoof growth and improve the integrity of the hoof. Hestevard guarantees customer satisfaction when horses are taken through the full recommended 150 day course.

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Calcium Carbonate 25%
Methylsulfonylmethane 12.5%
Inactivated Brewer’s Yeast Maize Starch

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 13.4%
Crude Oil 0.6%
Crude Ash 30.7%
Crude fibre 0.4%
Calcium 9.98%
Sodium 0.088%
Alanine 0.328%
Argnine 0.273%
Aspartic Acid 0.573%
Glycine 0.57%
Glutamic Acid 0.651%
Histidine 0.15%
Isoleucine 0.218%
Leiucine 0.346%
Lysine 0.392%
Phenylalanine 0.219%
Proline 0.273%
Serine 0.279%
Threonine 0.252%
Tryosine 0.201%
Valine 0.293%


Additive Per 1kg Per 20g
Methionine 125,000mg 2,500mg
Biotin 4,000mg 80mg

Trace Elements

Trace Element Per 1kg Per 20g
3b603 Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) 30,000mg 600mg
E4 Copper 3,000mg 60mg
(as Cupric Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate)

Instructions For Proper Use

Feed one 20g scoop per day. It is recommended to feed for 150 days or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.
Horses: Feed 20g per day
Ponies & Foals: Feed 20g every second day

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place (below 25∞C) away from direct heat and sunlight.

A scoop is provided in the pack. 1 Heaped Scoop = 20g

For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Do not freeze. For Batch No. and Best Before Date see container.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 16 cm

Biotex-80 1kg, Biotex-80 3kg

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