Hestevard Smectizorb 2.5kg


A complementary mineral feed with multiple feeding methods and amounts, suitable for foals and horses.

An intestinal protectant based on Di-Tri Octahedral (DTO) Smectite, from finely ground Bentonite extract, providing a large surface area and high absorbency capacity for toxins, bacteria and free radicals which may cause digestive tract upsets in horses.

  • Suitable for Veterinary stomach tubing
  • Particularly useful during intestinal disturbances including diarrhoea (in both foals and horses), toxin ingestion and also as part of veterinary post operative gastric support.
  • Multi-use formula may be added dry to feed or mixed with water to form a paste or liquid.
  • Contains Illite and Kaolin binders to further assist the normal gastrointestinal function of horses and foals


Nutritional Composition

Bentonite Clay extract (rich in Di-Tri Octahedral Smectite (98%)

Additives per 1kg
Sodium Chloride 10g, Calcium Carbonate 10g


Instructions for Proper Use

Adult Horses: 1-2 cups per day or as directed by your vet.
Foals: 1/4 cup mixed with water 2-3 times per day or as directed by your vet.

1 cup = approximately 120grams.

Smectizorb is suitable for stomach tubing by your vet.
Alternative feed rates may be recommended by vet based on clinical needs.


Analytical Constituents

Crude Ash 87%, Moisture 9.1%